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    Lips, Lines, & Lashes Event | 9.27.2012 | 9-3PM

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Join us for our highly anticipated Lips, Lines, & Lashes Event on September 27th from 9-3PM! Feel free to bring a girlfriend with you to take advantage of these unbeatable offers, just in time to prepare for the upcoming Holiday season when you will want to be looking and feeling your absolute best! Offers include:
    • Buy 1 syringe of Radiesse, get the 2nd Syringe Free ($650 value)
    • Buy 1 area of Botox, get the 2nd area for free ($350 value)
    • Buy 2 dermaplaning procedures, get the 3rd Free ($150 value)  

    Spaces and specials are limited.

    Enjoy refreshments, amazing giveaways, & special pricing on this day only!

    RSVP Today 214.989.4796 or Email


    Radiesse, Juvederm, and Restylane: Exploring Your Filler Options

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Aging, sun exposure, smoking, pollution, and hereditary factors can create hollow areas, lines, and wrinkles on your face. Unlike Botox, which reduces wrinkles by relaxing muscles around the eyes and forehead, cosmetic fillers are generally used on the lower half of the face, primarily the cheeks and lips, and can add volume to create a youthful look.

    • Filler Options

    Popular fillers include Radiesse, Juvederm, and Restylane, which use materials that are similar to, and compatible with, naturally occurring tissue in the body. These fillers can be injected quickly and with very little discomfort.  Injections are often administered from inside the mouth, so there is no bruising.  Fat from the patient’s own body can also be used as a filler, but this requires surgery. Cosmetic fillers even stimulate collagen production for a more naturally youthful appearance.

    • Radiesse

    Radiesse is a creamy substance that is made from a hydrogel infused with spheres of calcium hydroxylapatite. This material has characteristics similar to human bone, but Radiesse has a soft, flexible texture. Results can last much longer than other fillers—the material gradually dissolves within one to two years.

    • Restylane

    Restylane is made from hyaluronic acid, which occurs  naturally in our bodies. It is very safe to use and produces only mild swelling, but the results may last only three to nine months.

    • Juvederm

    Like Restylane, Juvederm is made from hyaluronic acid. It is thicker than Restylane, so it does not spread as much, and lasts longer than Restylane.

    Dermal fillers are typically fairly inexpensive and the different varieties tend to have equivalent costs. Radiesse is often recommended, because there is 50% more in a syringe, ansd its effects last longest.

    If you are interested in dermal fillers, skin care, or more dramatic cosmetic procedures, contact Dr. Kevin McBride to learn more about your options. Call (214) 989-4796 today to schedule an appointment.

    Find Out How You Can Look Better Than Ever

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Today's cosmetic procedures are designed to make you look and feel your best. Women and men are finding out they can enhance their looks by adding volume and eliminating wrinkles and folds. Learn more by visiting these links:

    Dr. Kevin McBride treats patients in the Dallas area. Call our office at (214) 989-4796 for an appointment or to learn more about Dr. McBride and our services.


    How Popular Is Plastic Surgery for Men?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Cosmetic surgery isn't just for women anymore.  In 2010, more than 1.1 million men had elective cosmetic surgeries. In this video, you can learn about the types of procedures most popular among men, and how cosmetic surgeons are accommodating the needs of men. For example, many men can put off a facelift, and get a great result with fillers or fat transfer procedures.

    Among the top procedures men request are rhinoplasty, surgeries to erase bags or puffiness under the eyes, and chin augmentation with solid silicone implants. In each case, incisions are made inside the nose, eyelids, or mouth to hide scars.

    If you are a man or woman living in the Dallas area who would like to learn more about cosmetic surgery options, contact Dr. Kevin McBride at (214) 989-4796. Dr. McBride and his staff can help you look younger with the latest cosmetic and skin care procedures.

    Comparing Radiesse, Restylane, and Juvederm

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Facial fillers, also called cosmetic or dermal fillers, all serve the purpose of filling-in lines, wrinkles and hollow areas in the face to create a more youthful appearance. Depending on the depth and location of wrinkles, you have several great options.  Some fillers, such as Radiesse, are thicker and firmer so they are used to fill deeper grooves. Other fillers are softer and are used to augment the lips and other soft areas.

    In this clip, a cosmetic surgeon discusses the differences between Radiesse, Restylane, and Juvederm. These fillers can be used anywhere on the face, offering results that can last up to a year or more.

    If you are interested in dermal fillers or would like to learn more about cosmetic surgery or skin care procedures, contact Dr. Kevin McBride. Call our Dallas office today at (214) 989-4796.

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